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The projects we take on vary from small renovations to multi-million dollar contracts. You will have the opportunity to start smaller scale and continually improve and develop your skills as the projects become increasingly complex. We have professionals on staff that will act as mentors providing support and guidance when creative solutions are needed.

As the industry changes and adapts to new systems and regulations our employees are continually adapting and changing. Training is provided and encouraged as we recognize that educated employees are what make our organization strong and innovative.


One benefit of working for a mid-sized operation is that you won’t be treated as just another employee; and we can confidently say we have long term staff that will attest to that. In fact we have generations of employees on staff learning from their predecessors instilling company values and industry standards.

And you know that old saying “all work and no play”… so we like to have some fun too! Whether we are out golfing, attending the company poker night or battling it out on the paintball field we make it a priority to interact off site.


We have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of our workers and have implemented a safety program that is followed by everyone on site.  Our employees are educated on up-to-date safety practices which endeavor to protect, not only the health and safety of our workers and clients, but also the environment and communities where we work.  In addition to our overall safety compliance strategy, mandatory daily safety meetings at our work sites encourage a constant united effort towards maintaining a safe work environment for all.  We are registered with Workers Compensation Board of Saskatchewan and are COR certified through the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.

Job Postings

As a Construction Superintendent you will be in charge of leading a construction crew while working alongside our Project Management team and consultants. You will have the responsibility of ensuring that the project runs smoothly from inception to completion, while producing a high quality end product. The safety and well being of all employees, trades and anyone on site will be a top priority of yours making you an excellent fit into our safety conscious company.

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